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Personalise any product, visually in real-time. From clothing to homewares, cards, confectionery and more.

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In Real Time

Allows customers to see the product evolve before their eyes, live and in 3D prior to purchase!

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Fulfilment Integrations

Customized products are great for the customer, but this can create fulfillment problems downstream. Spiff allows you to integrate customisation into your manufacturing, print and distribution processes. Major 3rd party manufacturers and logistics firms are already realising benefits from Spiff technology.

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Personalisation = Revenue

Gifting is a market forecast to grow 9% over the next 5 years.

Personalisation can extract higher value purchases from both existing and future customers. 


"We were on Magento and we switched to Shopify just to use this app. The onboarding process was easy, the Spiff staff were extremely responsive and answered all my questions quickly. Our customers love playing around with the 3D model and customising products online. Sales are up and we now have opportunities to partner with other companies. This wouldn't have been possible without this app."

– Jack Colvin - Brewtopia

"Spiff is designed to help your customers see how a customised product would look in real time which promotes engagement and stickiness on your website as well as a real sense of assurance for the finished product. I have done my first corporate product with them - a set of 4 x deck chairs where you add your logo aimed at the product launch/brand activation market - and I was extremely impressed with Spiff's responsiveness, workmanship and their suggested 3D background which replaced mine(!) to help bring the product to life. I will be getting them to do more products for me shortly and would recommend them to anyone who wants customers to see how the finished product would look."

– Elizabeth Hollingsworth - My Event Decor

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